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Weeds of Garden

 How to Rids weeds     Types of weeds that show stunning orange                                  weeds in the garden     Useful wedding tips for a weed-free garden                 Remove weeds from your garden Introduction Weeds are the most expensive type of agricultural pest. Globally, weeds cause higher yield losses and add more to farmers' production costs than pests, crop pathogens, root-eating nematodes, or warm-blooded insects (rodents, birds, deer, and other large pastures). Because organic farming policies and standards prevent the use of most herbicides, many organic farmers consider weeds to be their most serious barrier to successful organic production, and effective organic weed control is a primary research priority. In particular, weeds are a constant fact of life in vegetable crops. With a little diligence and timely weeding, the home gardener can turn most weeds into beneficial organic matter. However, weed control costs can actually add up to one acre of market ga