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Backyard garden help tips

Backyard gardening tips   5 ways to deter possums from your garden 6 Secrets of Growing Artichokes in Your Garden                  How to Grow Your Best Carrots     7 Peaceful Water Garden Ideas For Your Backyard  How to start a backyard garden Follow these step-by-step horticultural tips to turn your backyard into a garden. 1. Determine your climate zone. Success in horticulture is about putting the right plant in the right place at the right time. It starts with an understanding of the crops that are suitable for your climate and the season for planting them. The USDA maintains a plant hardiness zone map that can be searched by zip code, which divides the country into 13 zones based on average annual minimum temperatures. Discover your region and learn about the fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs that thrive in it (if you are outside the United States, see International Hardiness Zone Maps). Once you know your climate zone, look at the estimated first and last frost dates so you

Ant Control in your Garden

  Ant control        How to control ants in the flower garden   how to get rid of fire ants in a vegetable garden             Ant Control in the vegetable garden Ants are the number one pest in the United States. With more than 700 species occurring in the country and more than 20 species affecting homes and other structures, it is not surprising that many report problems with this pest. However, there are some simple steps that homeowners can take to reduce the chances of accidentally inviting ants into their homes. 1. Learn popular hangouts It is not surprising to hear that ants often attack kitchens. After all, kitchens are full of food and water, and ants (as well as all other insects) need to survive. Attract ants to bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, basements, walls, and around air conditioning and heating units. 2. Remove water sources Reducing the humidity and stagnant water around your house can help prevent ants. Adjust the leaking pipes and regularly inspect the submerged a